frequently asked questions

Are you "Hitched by Heather" or "Simply Hitched"?


Hitched by Heather specializes in partial and full service planning, but we still get tons of coordinator requests. Simply Hitched is the answer to those inquiries. We specialize in the more simplified packages. If you're looking for additional assistance in your wedding planning process, you'll want to check out Hitched by Heather.

What exactly is wedding management?


You've probably heard the terms "day-of coordinator" and "month-of coordinator." However, we don't really feel like either of those terms encompass the Simply Hitched experience. We start providing guidance from the moment you sign your contract with us, which is definitely prior to the day of your wedding, and usually more in advance than the month of your wedding! We still provide a wedding coordinator, just not on the restricted timeline that "day-of" and "month-of" imply.

Do you also coordinate elopements?


Yes! From finding the perfect photographer to deciding on your exotic destination, we’ve got you covered! We love the romantic aspect of elopements. Whether it's just you and your spouse-to-be, or 12 of your favorite people in the world, there's no denying that you truly want every single one of those people in that moment. We firmly believe it should still be beautiful, special, and well-photographed, and we'd love to help you make that happen! Ask us about our elopement collections when you fill out the contact form.

Which one of you will actually be at my wedding?


As we get inquiries, we decide which one of us would be the best fit for you based on our schedules and all the details you provide us. You begin working with your lead coordinator immediately. We have three lead coordinators, but we only take two weddings per weekend so that there is always one of us available in case of emergency. On the day of your wedding, your lead coordinator will be there with one of our lovely assistants. 

How far in advance should I reach out to book your services?


We book up to a year and a half in advance, so definitely reach out sooner than later! We also offer vendor recommendations as a part of our collections, so if you book us in the early stages of your planning process we can help you fill in the blanks with any remaining vendors you may need.

What is the process to reserve my date?


If we are available for your date, we would first set up an initial consultation. Oftentimes, couples find that they don't even need this and book us right away! After we answer any questions you may have, we send over a contract, you send over a deposit, and you're booked! We'll then send over our questionnaire to gather all the details you have decided on, and help you finalize any that you haven't.

Do you accept more than one wedding per day?


Between the three Simply Hitched leads and Heather of Hitched by Heather, we will only ever take three weddings in one day to ensure that at least one of us is available to take over in case of emergency. So basically, you're always covered with our fabulous team!

Have you worked at my venue before?


Even if the answer to this question is "no," we actually prefer to work at new venues! As creative people, we always appreciate a fresh perspective on wedding days. That's not to say we don't love working at our favorite tried and true venues as well, but we love new experiences!

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