meet lauren

My name is Lauren and I’m addicted to buying coffee table books that I don’t read. I love olive green and making lists. I love to travel and I’m extremely organized about my packing. Like, I packed a carry-on suitcase for two weeks in Italy thanks to my detailed itinerary, complete with daily outfit selections. My go-to drink order is a vodka soda, two limes please.

I’m a boy mama to Asher and Everett! I believe in reading the book before seeing the movie, and that you should always write a “thank you” card before cashing a check or using a gift. I will always say “yes” to a look at the dessert menu and will be ecstatic if it includes blueberry pie.

I lived by the Marie Kondo philosophy of surrounding yourself only with what brings you joy before it was a thing (hair flip). That philosophy, coupled with the fact that I’m definitely the “blunt friend,” have been useful qualities when it comes to wedding planning! I hate seeing my couples stressed about the tiny little details that won’t make a difference, so I’ll definitely tell you what’s important and what’s not. I love when there are personalized, meaningful touches to a wedding day. I advocate that less is more, but I do believe in having one major, show-stopping design element!